Regardless of the time of year, age, gender or culture, pajamas are a garment that we use daily. When we think of the word "pajamas" we relate it directly to comfort and comfort, since it is the garment that symbolizes arriving home after a long day and being able to relax the body and rest. But have you ever wondered, since when are pajamas used? How have they changed over time?

To begin with, it is important to know that before pajamas existed, people slept naked or in their daily clothes, which was not very hygienic. The Ottoman empire came to change this bad habit since they were in charge of designing a garment especially for sleeping. From here the pajamas evolved quite quickly.

Due to colonization, the use of pajamas grew exponentially across different countries and they were adapted to the needs of each place. In its beginnings, it was a loose and comfortable cotton nightgown, the same model for both genders. With the passage of time it became an exotic, colorful and elegant garment, in which cotton was replaced by silk. In turn, different models were already used for each gender, distinguished by certain embroidery, ribbons and lace for women. 

These garments were used especially by the upper social classes and for women of that time symbolized a great relief to spend all day wearing a tight corset. As time progressed in the seventeenth century, it was not only used for sleeping but also during the day at home. Due to the textile revolution, pajamas could also be purchased by all social classes. Since then they have been adapted to each era and different styles and fabrics have emerged according to fashion trends.

Currently at ENTOS we seek that our pajamas can be versatile enough to be used in turn in different social activities, combining them with casual clothes from your day to day. We hope you like our new REVE DE SOIE collection as much as we do