We have to learn the importance of taking care of our body and getting away from destructive habits, and following the fake stereotypes that sometimes the society shows us. We don’t have to change our appearance to suit anyone’s idea of what beauty is. The clue is getting to know our body, and our flaws, and embrace them accepting us the way we are.

Stop hating your body for its tiny imperfections. If your stretch marks are bothering you, instead of thinking negatively about them, turn it into a positive and think about how it was a sign that your stomach stretched to grow your baby

Your body hears everything your mind says. You need to be in better connection with it. Pay more attention to it. Go inward and explore yourself. Nurture it. And do things for your body every day. Stretch, exercise, take a walk, do yoga, get a massage, take a bath, do whatever makes your soul happy... Your body needs to be cared for. 

Once you start loving yourself, accepting your body and feeling confident about it...