Always beyond.

Our mission is to create and inspire strong women all over the world through fashion and comfort.
Our DNA.
Fernanda Mena is a Mexican designer who dreamed about creating a brand that can inspire women all over the world to be more confident about the way they look.
From sensuality to elegance.
We recognize the power of women by emphasizing their most feminine instincts and their essence transcending the limits of sensuality and creating an elegant way of comfort.
Made for women by women.
Since the beginning feminity has been our inspiration, we work, design, and collaborate with passionate, talented women, to create an extremely delicate brand with special care in every detail.
More than hope.
Inspiring is more than giving hope, this is why we created a teaching program for "Voy de tu mano" a group house that hosts girls, where little girls can come to Entos and learn how does a company works.

Elected New Favorite Brand at Curve

In 2019 at CURVE NY Entos won "New Favorite Brand" award, thanks to the concept of our designs and the quality of our materials.